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Vacuum Blasting Machine


    MEC offer portable dust free abrasive blasting equipment with high vacuum power and efficient separation for abrasives & debris. MEC vacuum blasting machines are suitable for different purposes, applications for surface preparation before coating and needs only one man to operate. The blasters are based on pressure vessels in combination with compressed air filters and pressure regulators that ensure sufficient speed of blasting operation in a dust free environment. Abrasive is automatically and instantly recovered for reuse. No flying dust & abrasive to contaminate surrounding.

  • Vacuum blasting in process

    Vacuum blasting in process

  • Operating Principle Circuit

    Operating Principle Circuit

A special valve on pressure vessel allows to work with a blasting pressure as low as 1 bar and as high as 7 bar with the same machine. Vacuum blasting technique can be used on delicate blasting jobs where blasting on low pressures is a must. All MEC vacuum blasting machines comes with a standard special lightweight blast head, blast and vacuum hose assembly, as well as a set of brushes to treat flat surfaces. The very special fibres used in brushes ensure best performance and economy.

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Our Standard Models
  • MCB-V
  • MCB-X
  • MCB-XV
  • P-14
  • Standard Models

    Portable Vacuum Blasting Machine for Touchup Works

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