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  • We at MEC strive for appropriate and target oriented training to our human assets to –

    • Improve confidence and efficiency which results in increased productivity and therefore, financial gains.
    • Upgrade the skills of employees with changing technology and market conditions.
    • It helps in creating a pool of employees within the company to fill any vacancy.
    • It gives a message that the MEC cares about the employees which increase retention.
    • We at MEC strive for appropriate and target oriented training to our human assets to –

        • Better Learning Better Performance Better Performance Better Results Better Results
        • ALTITUDE (Action Learning & Tracking Initiative To Uncork Decisive Enterprise)
      • PURPOSE:
        • Hire for attitude, train/ learn for skill is the ethic.
        • Training to compete and competing to train is the philosophy of, a learning organization.
        • Continuous learning, which is a MEC's core importance is to convert human resources into resourceful humans for strategic and operational excellence.
        • New incumbents on joining: Orientation & Induction Training
        • Employees: On-the-job & Off-the-job-Training
        • (Note: This could be either in-house or out-house training)

        • This is based on the PDCA methodology (for exactness).
        • The Annual Training Calendar is effective from April to March
        • Training is focused at three levels as follows:
        • Senior Management/Middle Management/Junior Management

      • TRAINING:Training needs are assessed and imparted in line with organizational / individual development needs. Training & development addresses the following:

        • New technology / system
        • Change in Business Process / System
        • Continuous improvement efforts
        • Change initiatives
        • Individual Needs
        • To fulfill social responsibilities

        • Training needs are consolidated and subjected to a VITAL/ESSENTIAL/DESIRABLE(VED) analysis by HRD with the Senior Management using the following model:
        • Training Plan is designed after VED analysis.

        • Learning Module : A learning module comprising goals, objectives & deliverables of learning, methodology, syllabus / content, faculty etc., are evolved in consultation with the Processes/depts. and faculty.
        • Nominations : Nominations are obtained for those programs slated for the period in question.
        • Action Planning: HOD plans with the nominees, the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to be achieved out of the learning inputs. Thereafter, help is extended for application and factoring in counter measures to close the PDCA loop.

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