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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • MEC & Society.

    MEC Strive for harmonious relationship among its staff members; growing by 7% per annum Special incentives and bonus schemes have been prepared to motivate them for increasing their efficiency.

    MEC is one of the highest income tax payer in the city.

    Social obligations of the company are met by promoting a wide range of institutions like educational, medical, animal welfare and employment opportunities.

    • Established wind power project in Jaisalmer
      Associated with Smt. Laxmidevi Balchand Modi charitable trust, Jodhpur
      • Education
      • Mental/psychological healing
      • Hospital
      • Animal welfare
      • Dry toilets
    • Nature cure hospital, Jodhpur (Swasthya Chetna Pranyas)
      • Nature Cure & Yoga Centre
      • Spa & health care
      • Solar heaters for ecological balance
    • All India Maheshwari Educational Trust.
      • Hostel
      • Study Loan for higher education
      • Medical relief

    • Bafna Parmarth Hospital, Jodhpur.
      • Allopathic Hospital (Non Profit Hospital)

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