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Plasma Spray Guns

  • MF-4MB

    • The Plasma gun MF4 is a robust , well proven & universal gun to produce high quality plasma coatings upto 55Kw.
  • 9MBM

    • High powder capability - optimum performance at levels upto 88Kw.
    • High heat output capabilities - Plasma gas temperature upto 16000 Degree Centrigrade
    • High Plasma gas velocity - in access of 3050 m/s.
    • High particle velocity - upto 610 m/s.
  • MSG 100

    • A 80 kw Plasma Spray gun suitable for a wide range of thermal spray applicaitons.
    • High Spray rates.

    • The Mini Plasma Spray Extension Gun is a versatile production gun designed for internal diameter coating applications.
    • The Mini Plasma Spray gun operates up to 15 kW power in the subsonic mode and is available in two spray angle hardware configrations: 45º and straight-head.
    • It can deposit coatings into diameters as small as 38mm (1.5 in.).

    MPS-50M/100M Mass Flow “View” Air Plasma Spray System.
    • PSC-50/100M Control Planel.
    • JBM Water Jam Box.
    • Powder Feeder: Single PF-3350-A (Optionally Dual Powder Feeder is available).
    • Plasma Spray Gun - Select any as per MPS-50M or MPS-100M system.
    • PS-50 or PS-100 Plasma Power Source.
    • Multi-utility Cart.
    • Full set of input & output cables and hoses.
    • MPS Operator’s Safety Wears.

  • Plasma Spray System Layout



    MEC MASS FLOW PLASMA SPRAY system is the latest development to Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS). This system enables repeatable coating quality and the operator interface is very simple.


    • MASS FLOW control.
    • Easy to use, Intuitive operator interface.
    • PLC control with touch screen.
    • Unlimited recipes and parameter recordings.
    • Safety interlocks.
    • Easily expandable for multiple powder feeders.
    • Power source up to 100 kw for non MEC pistols.
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