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HVOF Spray Systems


HVOF powder spray system

HIPOJET ® 2700

System Consists of
  • Spray Gun
  • Control Panel
  • Powder Feeder
  • Gas Regulator
  • Air Control Unit
  • Hose Units
  • Portable Trolley
  • Water Jam box and chiller (optional) if it is water cooled spray gun
Coating Features
  • High Density
  • Optimum Hardness
  • Smooth Surface
  • High bond Strength
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Reduced Oxide content than plasma coating.

HVOLF powder spray system

XPOJET ® 5000

  • Higher particle velocities
  • Superior coating reproducibility
  • Significantly improved bond strength
  • Control over high/low , stable deposition rate
  • Low operating cost
  • Control panel DF 2210 provides necessary controls and interlocks to ensure easy consistance and safe operation
  • Effecient particle heating
  • High density coating through higher velocities
  • No material build up in the barrel
  • The system also gives a fault signal if any operational fault / parameters out of range condition occurs

MJP-6000™ GUN

  • MJP-6000™ gun is the state of the art for HVOF coatings on internal diameters. It is used in conjunction with standard HP-HVOLF system such as Xpojet-5000, JP-5000 or equivalent. Unique design of offset combustion chamber allows angular spray in the compact gun design.
Specifications :
SPRAY RATE 60 gm/min maximum
COATING THICKNESS 2.0 mm maximum
HVOF CARBIDE POWDERS Particle size +5 -30 microns
Advantages & Features :-
  • Unique design allows to coat on narrow areas/internal diameters.
  • Less consumption of gases at optimum spray rate..
  • Run on standard control console of HP-HVOLF coating system (Xpojet-5000 or equivalent).
  • Light weight gun (4.7kg) thus allows operating manually, if required.
  • Handling of hoses is easy as all hose connections are axially from back of the gun.
  • Generates the good coating properties with specified operating parameters.
  • More rugged design to operate in harsh environments.
  • Easy & quick change of parts.
  • Available in standard hose connection fittings for immediate use with standard HP-HVOLF system (like Xpojet 5000 or equivalent).
  • Precision components designed for reliable & repeatable coatings incorporating high safety standards.

HVOF wire spray system

HIJET ® 9610

System Consists of
  • HIJET® 9610 Gun : Oxygen - Propane / LPG
  • Motorized Wire Feed System
  • Control console model MP-2100
  • Gas Control Unit
  • Interconnecting Cable and High Pressure Hoses
  • Wire Reel Stand
  • HIJET® is a New Generation High Velocity Combustion Wire Spray System (HVCW), which provides supersonic spray velocities, combined with improved heating and melting of the wire particles.
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