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electrical industry solution thermal spray


  • Just select any field aerospace, automotive, steel, chemical etc. electrical / electronics components are a basic need of each industry. Being so much involved these components are to be protected from wear and other surface problems bearing encountered. Benefits of Thermal Spray to electrical / electronics industry are now becoming exploited. Components can be coated to provide the exact level of conductivity required.

Advantages include :
  • Good wear resistance
  • High current carrying capability (where required)


  • Substrates for Hybrid micro-electronics
  • Microwave integrated circuit
  • Heater rolls
  • Capacitors electrodes
  • Radar & microwave reflectors
  • Computer & electronics housing
  • Induction hearing coils
  • Ceramic resistors
  • Rectifiers
  • Motor shafts
  • Foil wound capacitors
  • Domestic heating trays & cookers

    Wire Arc Copper
    Plasma Zinc
    Flame Spray Aluminium
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