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Spray & Fuse Anti corrosive hvof hard surfacing Internal Dia. Coating Plasma Spray



We at MEC play a key role by providing valuable guidance and finding the optimum solutions at every step.

  • Planning and Simulation is the beginning of all success. With MEC, you benefit these services throughout the entire life period of the product. To ensure that things always stay that way during continuous operation, we offer a whole range of services to help you realize the full potential of our products. In cooperation with integrators, system builders and certified system partners, we provide exact expertise which gives you optimal solutions for your industry and application for maximum productivity.

  • Planning and simulation
  • mec
  • MECis at your side, with consulting services ranging from concepts, analysis and operations to Thermal Spray Gun selection and integration. We do this in line with your requirements and with maximum planning, reliability and security of your investment. So we make no compromises when it comes to the analysis, planning and operations.


    We are a pioneer in the field of Thermal Spray Guns & Thermal Spray Job Works, Thermal Spray Accessories, and Thermal Spray Powders.

  • all round support
  • worldwide companies
  • Worldwide companies choose our services to obtain the best solutions in a longer run since we plan and analyze the methods of solving a problem in a professional manner with full Customer Satisfaction.


MEC's technical support offers services upon which you can always rely on. For MEC, support is an integrated process, backing you all the way. The success of the unique approach can be seen worldwide in an ever-increasing number of production facilities in which system availability is taken for granted.

  • Experienced MEC specialists are available to support you directly at your plant in all phases of commissioning. Whether it's your first step with the application, the efficient integration of the Thermal Spray Equipment, or the training of your employees. We provide instructions and guidance for safe handling of the equipment and provide operation manual for every equipment.

  • Customer Satisfaction is our first motto. We ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our timely discussions & services. We also provide a world-class service in Thermal Spray products as per customer requirements.

    We pay optimum attention on flexibility of our services so that clients can conveniently make modifications as per their demands. Furthermore, all these services are executed in a timely manner with main focus on perfection, innovation and excellence.

    With our services, we have been able to cater the needs of various industries and have established ourselves across the nation.

  • Customer Satisfaction
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