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Auxiliary Equipments

  • MEC Acoustic Chamber

    Thermal spraying process inherently generates noise level above threshold limits; some processes produce following noise levels
    • Arc
      116 dB
      134 dB
      140 dB
      Wire Combustion
      125 dB
      Powder Combustion
      111 dB
    Therefore, it is necessary to bring down noise level to permissible limit, apart from collecting over sprayed dust & fumes acoustic cells are designed for both purposes: for reducing noise level as well as to arrest extra sprayed dust & fumes so as to keep clean condition of operation.
    MEC has designed modular series of Acoustic chambers with several options.

  • MEC Spray Booth

    To carry out thermal spray process on small components for batch or mass level of coating, MEC has a wide variety of spray booths designed to meet customer's requirement. These booths can be opened from front or closed as per job coating operation and process design. Ergonomically designed front portion is very effective for operator to perform coating operation and for suction of over sprayed material & fumes.
  • MEC Dust Collector

    During coating operation, fumes & dust generates, which has to be removed immediately and to be collected. MEC provides a solution for effective suction & collection of fumes & dust generated in the vicinity of coating zone. Due to negative pressure generated in the dust collector, the suspended particles & fumes sucked from spray booth/acoustic chamber/room get collected in the dust collector and clean air is discharged into the atmosphere thus maintaining clean & healthy atmosphere. MEC design and manufacture following types of dust collection system

Dry Filter CartridgeDry Filter Cartridge
Wet ScrubberWet Scrubber
Pleated BagPleated Bag
Fabric BagFabric Bag
MEC Dust Collector
MEC Dust Collector
MEC Dust Collector
MEC Dust Collector
  • MEC Linear Track as 7th Axis for Robot

    To coat on long jobs mounted on a lathe, robot needs to move for accessibility throughout the whole length. MEC provides a linear track on which one 6-axis robot can be mounted on a motorized trolley which can be moved along the length as per the requirement of job length. The robot gives the command to the 7th axis to move according to the pre-programmed menu.
  • MEC Horizontal Job Rotator

    To provide rigid and accurate horizontal job rotation arrangement for precise job rotational motion and to get the uniform coating thickness on the entire surface of job, MEC provides a solution for rotational motion. It has one fixed head stock and one tail stock trolley which can be moved along the length as per the requirement of job length. The complete structure is mounted on level adjusting bots and the support brackets can be anchored with floor. The system has special feature of wide range of RPM selection.
  • MEC X/XY/XYZ/XYZR Gun Manipulator

    To provide a controlled linear gun traverse unit for the horizontal or vertical or lateral or any combination of movement for spray gun, MEC designs vide variety of gun manipulators for consistent and precise thermal spray coating . The X/X-Y/X-Y-Z/X-Y-Z-R gun traverse provides accurate and repeatable gun motions (To & Fro) via a Rack & Pinion or Ball screw arrangement. Each axis can be programmed for efficient controlled and repeated motion to the gun. The manipulators can be designed in AC variable drives or with servo controlled drives as per job coating requirement to Improve coating quality, to Retain coating uniformity, to Increases productivity, to Better utilization of material, to have Less rejection in coating (Due to even spray) and to Reduce operator's involvement.

    The hoses have proper fittings at both sides to connect the control panel & gun distinctly. Initially hoses will be connected to control console and the hoses blown out at low pressure before the gun is connected.
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