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  • CNC Ceramic Bead/Glass Bead Peening Machine

    MEC CNC bead peening machine is designed for effective peening on aero engine component (Blade Airfoils). To generate the controlled compressive stress to the surface and to enhance the surface properties, increase fatigue strength by creating small pores, increase life of components and prevent galling, ferreting, cracking & corrosion.The system has capacity to peen upto 48" length of blade.

    • 2-axis servo controlled reciprocation
    • Variable speed turntable rotation
    • Work car with manual winch for ease of job loading approach
    • High volume pressure tank for long duration peening
    • Quick change & accurate positioned 6 peening nozzles
    • Colored touch screen HMI &Siemens PLC panel
    • Efficient reclaimer with screening
    • Easy part fixture change over

    • Automatic shot peening media adder
    • Closed loop air pressure control
    • Magnetic separator
    • Rotary lance drive
    • Spiral type shot separator
    • Vibratory sieve classifier unit
    • Motorized work car movement
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